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About Wonkers

We are two friends who are passionate about solving problems with the tools and skills needed to innovate through entrepreneurship.

In early 2020, Stone, at the age of 18, had a vision of men’s swim trunks with waterproof pockets for phones, car keys, etc. When approached with this idea, Jason was easily sold and immediately joined forces with Stone. As a big-time go-getter, and with Jason’s help, Stone has been relentlessly working on making this vision a reality.

From the initial design to multiple prototypes to mass production, from handling logistics of the supply chain to manufacture, Stone has clocked in hundreds of hours while being a full-time college student.

The journey entailed countless communications with the manufacturer and suppliers, multiple trips to Los Angeles where the manufacturer is located for the first batch, networking with other entrepreneurs, brainstorming with professors, and of course, lots of late nights and early mornings.

It has been an extraordinary journey!